Madrid, 15. Mai 2019

Merkwürdige Gedanken zur Bedeutung von Objekten, aus Yukio Mishima’s “The Frolic of the Beasts“. Es geht um einen wrench, einen Schraubenschlüssel.

Much later in prison, Kōji repeatedly reflected on the discovery he made at that moment. That wrench was not merely something that had been dropped there; rather it was the manifestation of a material phenomenon making its sudden entry into his world. To all appearances, the wrench, which lay on its side half-buried in the overgrown lawn exactly on the border with the concrete driveway, looked all the more natural in its present position – as though it ought to be there. However, this was merely a splendid deception, for it was undoubtedly some other indescribable substance that had provisionally assumed the form of a wrench. Some form of substance that, having been excluded from this world’s order, at times suddenly manifests itself in order to upset the very foundation of hat order – the purest of pure substances. It was that substance that must have taken the shape of a wrench.

We normally consider „will“ to be something intangible. Take, for instance, a swallow that skims past the eaves, the strangest shapes of bright clouds, the sharp ridgeline of a tiled roof, lipstick, a lost button, a single glove, a pencil, or the hard fastener of a flexible curtain. We don’t normally refer to such objects by the term „will“. However, if we assume that not our will, but the will of „something“ exists, then it would come as no surprise to find that „something“ manifesting itself as some form of material phenomenon. While consciously working to upset our even, everyday sense of order, it becomes stronger, more unifying, waiting for the moment when it can integrate us into its own inevitable full and jostling system, and while it normally scrutinizes us from some invisible form, at the most critical moment it takes on shape and manifests itself as tangible material object. Where do they come from? Kōji often conjectured, while brooding in his cell, that such objects probably came from the stars.

Objekte, die in unserer Welt auftauchen, als Ausdruck des Willens von “Etwas”. Der Wille von “Etwas” der Form annimmt und sich materiell in der Welt manifestiert. Der Wille von “Etwas” der direkt in uns wirkt, denn was für uns zählt ist nicht das Objekt in der Welt, sondern seine Repräsentation in uns. – Der Schraubenschlüssel in Mishimas Roman wird später zur Waffe werden.