Zitat #4

[Der englische Schrifsteller Will Self:] Q: The mooted demise of literary fiction is becoming a cause célèbre in Britain these days… A: I’m struck by how quickly it’s come into being. Years ago, I said [novel-writing] would become a conservatoire form, like easel painting or the symphony, but I didn’t quite understand how all of these kids in creative writing programs, and their constant focus-grouping, would create a new form that’s halfway between hobbyism and literature. It’s an occupation for wealthy Western youth who are marking time. Because there are more writers than readers now, it’s decoupled from any conversation. It’s like a great internal rumination.

Mehr “Schriftsteller” als Leser … “Literatur” im leeren Raum … Romane als halbprivates Grübeln … Dazu muss man aber auch sagen, dass Will Selfs Romane, so sehr ich ihn als Journalist und Sprecher und Essayist mag, eigentlich unlesbar sind.


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