Hätte Dick Cheney einen Zauberstab, würde er den Nahen Osten in Nebraska verwandeln

Es spricht Sam Harris – Neurowissenschaftler und Atheist. Das Zitat stammt aus seinem Podcasts mit ex-Navy SEAL Jocko Willink. Die Hervorhebungen stammen von mir – AE.

“And it just seems to me that when you’re talking about situations of moral emergency of this sort, so you have ISIS raping women by the tens of thousands, and crucifying children, and burying people alive, this goes to the issue of moral equivalence or the lack thereof. People imagine that we are no better than our enemies, in this case, even in this case, and in some sense … I confront people who think that we are worse than our enemies, because we made them. We created ISIS because we went into Iraq. We used to fund Al Qaeda against the Soviets, so somehow this causes them to loose sight of the very different human projects we have advertised here. This comes down to human intentions: what kind of of world do you want to build. If I gave you a magic wand, and you could just create the world as you saw fit, I have no doubt that you would create just like abundance everywhere, for everybody, right? So there would be a Starbucks on every corner, and there’d be a Jiu Jitsu school on every corner, and people would just be able to live out their dreams, and I would do that, and the people who got us into these various wars, many of whom have been demonized to an extraordinary degree, and many of whom I share very few political principals with. Someone like Dick Cheney. I think if you gave him a magic wand, he would not create a hell realm for people in the Middle East, he would make the Middle East more like or less like Nebraska or Florida. Ask yourself what would Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi do with a magic wand? He’s telling us what he would do, with every fucking video! They are making no secret about the vision of life they are aspiring to, and again, it is important to point this out, there is no moral equivalence here. The kinds of rapacious evil you’ll see in an ISIS video is not an accident. It’s not an aberration of their programme, it’s not their version of the My Lai massacre. It’s not the thing they’ll have to go back to and apologize to their society for and say I don’t know how we did this, but we were pushed into extremis and there is a lot of soul-searching necessary. No, no. Every journalist put in an orange jump suit and murdered is an absolutely fine point on a vision of life that they are not keeping secret. In fact this is part of their recruitment material. This is PR for them. This is what they think, in fact know, to successfully bring like-minded people to their shores to fight alongside them. Again, this is a minority of the Muslim world community worldwide, it is not synonymous with Islam, but this is a global Jihadist insurgency that we are confronting in many places.”

In einer Zeit, in der gute Menschen es als moralischen Akt betrachten, einen Artikel der Huffington Post zu sharen, welcher die Welt als grundsätzlich friedlichen Ort beschreibt, würden nur ein paar Missverständnisse und eine handvoll habgierige Kapitalisten aus dem Weg geräumt werden (und wären die Israelis etwas netter), empfehle ich die Bücher, Artikel und Podcasts von Sam Harris – sozusagen als intellektuellen Sparringpartner.

Ein schönes Wochenende sei gewünscht!

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